Recent Live Radio Shows featuring Dr. Daine and host,  Lindsay Woods
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Dr. Daine is a  regular guest of 
The Tuesday Talk Show with host Lindsay.  The show, Communication Matters addresses the psychology of adulthood, improves understanding and gives thougtfull solutions to everyday and unusual issues impacting  modern adult life.  Topics include relationships, social media, the arts, parenting, learning, stress management, sexuality, addictions, recovery dreams, and more.

Dr. Daine has an engaging, relaxed, and humorous on-air presence.  He has a way of making complex information very understandable.  Dr. Daine has a long history of partnering with public radio, television and other media, to help improve community health through education and understanding.
His interest in radio began as a weekly guest on Your Day a public service program, NPR, at Clemson University.  This show was broadcasted throughout South Carolina and the southeast.  Since then, he has been an expert guest on news, television and radio shows addressing current events and other topics from his unique psychological perspective.

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